Creative Writing Course Liverpool & Wirral

About Our Creative Writing Course Liverpool and Wirral

Interested in copy writing, story writing, blog writing or journalism? If you’re looking to develop strong content writing skills, contact us to find out if you’re eligible for a free course!

Our creative writing course is an online course for students seeking to gain knowledge, employment, self-employment, or for students looking to go on to higher education. 

During the online classes,we will cover a wide aspect of topics and explore what it means to be a creative writer under different mediums. We want to support you and help you grow in confidence as well as develop your understanding of the vast and essential skill that is creative writing.

During your time on our creative writing course, you will typically be given the opportunity to start content writing for local businesses as part of our live work experience project giving you real work to put on your CV – qualifications are one thing, but experience is worth so much more in the job market.

Our Creative Writing Course Liverpool and Wirral Covers:

Spelling and Grammar

Understanding the basic skills of strong, coherent writing.

Editing and Proofreading

Ensuring your written skills are of the highest quality, and picking up skills for use in the editorial industry.

Styles of Writing

Researching the different avenues of writing such as blogs, articles, novels, poetry etc. to give you an insight to the options creative writing offers.


Looking at the different genres of writing within both fiction and non-fiction to improve writing through deeper understanding.

Character Development

Considering characters within creative writing and how to make them consistent, believable and memorable.

Creative Writing Exercises

Exercises to help you flow creatively.

Creative Writing Course Liverpool
Creative Writing Course Wirral


Styles and guidelines for when and how your characters should communicate.

World building

Improving your ability to bring a story or narrative to life and creating an engaging piece of content.

Self Promotion

Understanding the creative writing market and how to stand out in the different areas.


A focused look on getting your book published.


Looking into the options available to creative writers and how to build connections within the profession.

The best part? It’s all fully online.

When you apply for our creative writing course, not only will you work with professional tutors with real world experience, but you’re also able to attend lessons from all of our course areas if you feel like it. All at your own pace, from your own home.

Still not convinced we’re the right course for you? Contact us today and learn more about our cordial online community full of bright and interesting creatives.

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