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When Joining our 6 Week Bootcamp You’ll Get

Access to live daily workshops, helping you complete tasks to grow your business in real time. 

Daily Recordings of the workshops so you can keep up to date even if work gets too busy!

Regular feedback from industry specialists.

Access to 1 to 1 consultations with your own dedicated coach to support your business growth!

Prepare for Growth

Set up and prepare to grow your business by creating a buyer persona, planners, and more.

Find Your Customer

Create strategies to find and captivate your target audience.

Build Your Platforms

Set up the framework for your marketing hub(s) so people can find and access your products or services.

Develop Visibility

Create simple but effective tactics to get found on Google without spending a penny.

Captivate Your Audience

Plan out a creative strategy with video and graphics that incorporates your branding and audience research.

Create a Strategy

Develop a personalised strategy for your business that meets your unique requirements.

Join The 1000s of Participants
That Have Completed The Bootcamp

“My numbers have doubled

“Since completing the 6 week Digital Marketing bootcamp, my numbers have doubled. Thank you Kye for helping me through this and giving me a structured plan to follow and stay consistent with my efforts.”


“It’s so much easier

“Using the Social Media Content Calendar has really helped me plan my content. Taking away the guesswork has made it so much easier for me to create my content in advance and schedule them to get the best returns.”