How It Works

Start Education blends in-class learning with online learning.

But just how does it all work?

One of the strongest points of Start Education, is our commitment to making the course feel like a community – and our community is full of bright and interesting creatives.

With other courses and training programmes from around Liverpool and Wirral, you receive the work, you complete the work and that’s that. In addition to our in-class lesson, we host an online learning platformDigital media skills liverpool wirral where our students can talk directly with our tutors, get feedback on their work, or just chit-chat with the other students.

This means that even when you’re away from our classroom, our distance learning courses feel more social and engaging. This way, you can make friends for life, whilst you learn skills for life!

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Our distance learning course lectures are hosted via a couple of different platforms.

We host live lectures over a commonly used online classroom program. Once it’s installed, when it is time for a lesson, you will be prompt to join through our chat-based learning forum where you will meet with your tutor and other students. In addition to the lessons, we also use this software for direct one to one meetings with tutors, where we make sure you’re doing well and give any assistance we can. These ‘one-to-ones’ are scheduled for set times, but you can request one for whenever you need.

For some lessons, you will have the option of watching pre-recorded videos from our website that will have attached assignments for you to work over. 

In-class sessions.

We encourage all of our students to attend our classroom sessions at least once a week. These lessons will feel more traditional and allow you to engage with other students and our tutors face to face. Please talk to us if you have any concerns about meeting in person.

Still not convinced we’re the right course for you? Contact us today and learn more about our cordial online community full of bright and interesting creatives.

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