Supporting your mental wellbeing.

We’re here to make sure you get through your qualification comfortably, and have an enjoyable time.

We’re dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable during your time with Start Education. Our blended learning system allows for you to tune in to your lessons and access your work from home – although we’re always ready to encourage our students to come into classes!

We’re all ears.

If you’re having any issues, you can always talk to your specialised tutor in a one-to-one environment and we’ll look to help and accommodate you in any way we can.

“If I ever felt like I had an issue, it wasn’t like in school where i’d keep quiet about it. I knew I could always tell James and he’d sort me out. And he did.”

“If you’re anything like me, this will get you out of a shell you didn’t know you had”

“The tutors are literally the best teachers I’ve ever had”

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Phone: 0151 287 0415

Discord: StartEd.Graham#4257