Game Testing and Games Design Course Liverpool and Wirral

About Our  Game Testing and Games Design Course Liverpool and Wirral

On our Games Design course Liverpool you will be looking at the Gaming Industry as a whole, along with aspects such as Board Games, Video Games, Card games and more.

Depending on which aspect you’re looking to progress, you will either focus more on the Design or Testing elements, below you can find out what each of those entail.

 Game Testing & Games Design Course Liverpool Overview:

Games Design Course Liverpool and Wirral

On the games design side of things, we will be looking at things such as: Character Creation, World Building, Rules, Platform of Choice & More.

Within the course, it is not just Video Games designing that you will look into, but also Board Games & Card Games as well.

During the course, you will be able to generate various ideas for the game genre of your choice and may even possibly be able to fully design your game.

A previous student managed to design, create and sell their own card game.

Games Design Course Liverpool
Game Design Testing Liverpool

Game Testing Course Liverpool and Wirral

On the game testing side, you will learn how to playtest a variety of different games, whilst looking at testing not just Video Games, but also Card Games, Board Games and More.

Our tutors will walk you through all the aspects of Game Testing, as the job itself is never what people think it will be.

Through this course, so far, we have had two students progress on from ourselves and found video game teseter jobs over at Sony Entertainment to become full time Games Testers.

We also bring in a guest speaker within the course who has been within the Games Testing industry before and can talk students through how to apply for a career within the industry, tips and tricks for interviews and what to expect in the job.

The best part? It’s all fully online.

When you apply for our games design and testing course, not only will you work with professional tutors with real world experience, but you’re also able to attend lessons from all of our course areas if you feel like it. All at your own pace, from your own home.

Still not convinced we’re the right course for you? Contact us today and learn more about our cordial online community full of bright and interesting creatives.

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